SSL Key Password Retrieval Tool
Administrators can now retrieve that pesky password that IIS 4.0 requires you to use to create a certificate signing request, and then later to install the certificate. Not only is this password pointless, but it is stored in plain text in the IIS 4.0 metabase. The author of this script was Casey Zacek. Much thanks goes out to him as there is no way I could have figured out the C++ for this one. The program will display the key common name and password tab delimited to STDOUT. (NOTE: If anyone can look at the source find a way to make a fully functional command line version of the Key Manager please let me know, there is a cash reward.) Also, as with any software that accesses the metabase use caution. Do not use it with a production system until you have tested it yourself. If this breaks something I refuse to take responsibility. (For all you sue happy folks). That said my personal experience has indicated no problems.
Usage: Run from command line on the machine you wish to retrieve the passwords from.
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